886 Main Street, Suite #303 Sanford, ME 04073


"Sanford, ME"

Mission:  SMPA is dedicated to providing information, referral support and education to families who have children and youth with special needs throughout Maine. Southern Maine Parent Awareness helps families expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for their children and young adults with disabilities.

Provides:  Outreach, drop-out prevention, advocacy.  They work mostly with families unless a youth disagrees with the parents' educational plans for them; then they work with the youth directly to educate them and ensure their educational needs are met.

Also offers volunteer opportunities customized to the volunteer's interests and skills, such as computer research, hanging fliers, & working at fundraisers


SMPA wants to develop programming to offer aptitude/skill evaluation and job skill-building to youth after high school graduation. Will share space with other groups to maximize the use of available resources and build relationships and awareness in our community.




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