163 Lancaster St. Portland, ME


"Portland, ME"

Mission: to promote the integration of Somali immigrants, refugees and American-born children as contributing, responsible participants in a healthy and inclusive society.

Offers directly or gives referrals for:

  • Job Assistance
  • Interpreting and translation (permits, written tests and correspondence)
  • Referral for counseling services
  • Youth activities
  • Assistance with citizenship documents
  • Walk in assistance
  • Annual Summer programs
  • Conflict mediation and resolution
  • Immigration
  • Housing Issues
  • Transportation

For youth, offers gender-specific sports, a Somali teen center where they offer cultural education, language education (Somali and English), and tutoring and homework help (adult-to -outh and peer-to-peer, and older-to-younger student.)

Seeks volunteers.

University of Southern Maine
Maine State Interpreters




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