196 Allen Ave., 2nd Fl. Portland, ME, 04103


"Portland, ME"

Public 'expeditionary learning' high school.

Mission: Promotes academic achievement through real-world projects.

Curriculum revolves around 'Learning Expeditions': long-term, in-depth studies of a single topic that explore vital guiding questions, incorporate standards, involve fieldwork, and culminate in a project, product or performance.

Expeditionary Learning is built on ten design principles that reflect the educational values and beliefs of Outward Bound: The Primacy of Self-Discovery; The Having of Wonderful Ideas; The Responsibility for Learning; Empathy and Caring; Success and Failure; Collaboration and Competition; Diversity and Inclusion; The Natural World; Solitude and Reflection; Service and Compassion.
Supporters and partners include:

Portland Arts and Technology High School
University of Southern Maine
Southern Maine CC Junior Achievement Maine Development Foundation
Maine Arts Commission
Maine Arts in Education
Mitchell Institute
Mercy Hospital
Maine Historical Society
Grow Smart Maine Frannie Peabody Center
Red Cross of Maine
Preble Street Resource Center Portland Stage Company
Bread for the Journey
Maine Community of Churches
Day One




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