Firehouse Gallery 135 Church Street, Burlington, Vermont


"Burlington, VT"

Vermont’s premiere location for contemporary art. Securing and exhibiting national-level artists from Vermont and elsewhere, the Gallery’s mission is to bring a unique arts experience to the public that will challenge, teach and engage.

Mentor Arts youth are 10-18 year olds who want to explore their intrest in the arts and need some extra guidance through the process.

Mentor Arts offers access to its studios (photography, printmaking, and clay,) classrooms, and supplies, as well as on-going support for the mentor and mentee.

Mentor pairs meet one to two hours a week for one year. Using BCA's Print + Clay Studio, darkroom and painting classroom, pairs explore different artistic mediums and various project.

Help foster a love of art in someone who needs a friend.
Firehouse Gallery offers volunteer opportunities as well as internships and mentoring programs.




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