202-218 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

E. Williamsburg

"Newtown Creek" "Scrap Metal" Brownfield VOCs "vapor intrusion" CVOCs "Riverkeeper Enforcement Actions"

Enforcement Actions
Newtown Metal Corp. is a metal scrap yard in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on the English Kills section of Newtown Creek. During patrols of Newtown Creek, Riverkeeper found that Newtown Metal had been dumping metal into the English Kills, thereby filling it.

In October 2003, Riverkeeper responded to this violation by filing a notice of intent to sue (NOIS) Newtown Metal under the Clean Water Act for the dumping. The NOIS also indicated that Newtown Metal did not have their necessary General Stormwater Permit.

The polluter failed to respond and instead abandoned most activity on the site. The DEC, upon receiving a copy of Riverkeeper's NOIS, directed Newtown Metal to apply for coverage under the General Stormwater Permit.

Site Description[1]
This site, being proposed under the Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP), is approximately 3.22 acres. The site's current use is commercial and industrial, it is vacant and was formerly used as a scrap metal yard. To the north of the property is a warehouse, to the east and south is English Kills and to the west it is bordered by Morgan Avenue, between Ten Eyck Street and Stagg Street.

Site Environmental Assessment
Contaminants which are known or suspected to affect the soil and/or groundwater are petroleum, chlorinated solvents, other VOC's, SVOC's, metals and PCB's. A more complete environmental assessment summary will be provided when sufficient information becomes available.

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