331 North Winooski Ave Burlington VT 05401


"Burlington, VT"

Mission: Good News Garage exists to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need.

Good News Garage repairs as many donated cars as possible in order to provide them to low-income individuals who need transportation to gain access to employment, shopping, school and medical facilities.

Seeks volunteers.

Partners include:

The Stratton Foundation
Manchester Chamber
Green Moutain Power,
IBM Employees Volunteers Car Show
Association of Facility Engineers
Shearer Honda
Burlington Electric Department
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Chittenden Bank
The Point Radio Station
Bruno's Truck Repair
Tom Lauzon, Mayor of Barre
Hannaford Stores
Wachovia Foundation
Agnes Lindsay Trust
Nutmeg Foundation
Oakland Foundation
LCMS Foundation

ljackson, nenetwork



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