Franklin St. Dupont St Commercial St.,. Brooklyn, New York 11222

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"Greenpoint Playground" "Greenpoint Parks" Parks Playground "sludge holding tank"

The New York City Dept of Parks & Recreation owns and maintains Greenpoint Playground.

Local community groups involved with the playground include:
(o) Barge Park Pals, contact: bargeparkpals[at]
(o) Greenpoint Association for Parks & Planning, contact: info[at]
(o) Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee, contact:[at]
(o) Newtown Creek Alliance, contact: newtowncreek[at]
(o) Open Space Alliance, contact: info[at]
Located in North Greenpoint, Brooklyn near the East River and mouth of Newtown Creek. The playground is located accross the street from the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant sludge holding tank.

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