386 Stanley St. Fall River, MA 02720


"Fall River, MA"

BOLD is a substance abuse prevention coalition convened by SSTAR and comprised of community volunteers, agency representatives, educators, city government, school representatives and youth. The group’s mission is to all work together to create a healthy community for young people.

Governed by an Advisory Board of 15 members, the BOLD Coalition has representatives from 12 different sectors of the community: youth, parents, business, media, schools, law enforcement, faith and youth serving organizations, civic groups, healthcare professionals and governmental agencies.  BOLD co-leads YEAH (youth arts program) and hosts the parent academy to increase parenting skills and reduce approval/ access to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications.  Recently awarded a DPH grant to develop a GLBTQ youth program.
Partners of BOLD include:
Local business, media, youth, parents, schools, law enforcement, healthcare, civic groups, and governmental agencies.

Youth leadership and community engagement opportunities




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