803 Bedford St. Fall River, MA


"Fall River, MA"

Mission: To inspire and enable all young people especially those most in need, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens

Provides after-school sports program (soccer, swim team, flag football, basketball league); computer classes; prevention programs; arts (dance, design and photo tech); and educational programs (geography club, book club, managing money, youth development). Developed a committee and implemented two initiatives, a Youth Mentoring program and a Career Launch/Money Matters program for high need youth in 2008-2009. Also provides community service opportunities for school-to-work participants.
McCarthy named as key leader by Superintendent; Strategic Planning Committee; linked to Public Schools District Community Partnership; and described as implementing ETO software to track outcomes.  A wide array of other community partners.

Provides youth with after-school and summer learning center with computer stations; tutoring; and supper every night.




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