383 S. 3rd St, Brooklyn NY 11211


bedbugs housing

383 Associates LLC
My name is Elizabeth Mcgann - and I live at 383 S. 3rd st. #11 - Brooklyn, NY 11211. The landlords name is Zev Rub - I was bitten repeatedly during the second week of August. I had allergic reactions and had to be sent to the emergency room.  An exterminator came, we smoke bombed the apartment - I got rid of my couch and bed.  The problem seemed to have been solved - but today - September 22nd. The problem has returned and I've been bitten again on my legs and elbows.  I want to stay solution minded and have the entire building treated. If the entire building is not treated the problem will continue as the bugs go from apartment to apartment.[1]

admin, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth]



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