1040 Eastern Ave. Fall River, MA


"Fall River, MA"

Founded in 1968 by parents of people with disabilities who were seeking better quality and more diverse services for their children, People, Incorporated’s mission is to strengthen the community for each of its members by providing premier developmental, therapeutic, educational and vocational services to children and adults of all abilities in a collaborative and creative environment.

Offers employment training and job development, day habilitation, children’s services including early intervention, parenting programs and child care, community and family support services, and residential services.

The Parent Academy provides educational workshops to parents on the importance of education, helping their child with reading, math, and computer skills, understanding the curriculum.

The United Partnership program works with the public schools to improve student success and school climate. Also provides leadership skills and peer mentoring opportunities.

The Human Services Academy provides the education, training and skills necessary for a career as a Direct Support Professional.  This is offered to high school students who are interested in working with individuals with disabilities.
Part of the Public Schools District Community Partnership, and named as key leader by in this initiative.  Also part of the Strategic Planning Committee. Provides the Human Services Academy through collaboration with Bristol Community College and Diman Vocational Technical High School.

Involves youth in SCL through the  Human Service Academy; trains youth for health careers; and provides access to 40 faith-based organizations to link people with development issues with houses of worship. Numerous opportunities to build connections for mentoring youth and out-of school apprenticeship.

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