390 Hooper St, Brooklyn NY 11211


bedbugs housing

Joseph Morris Knoll
August 4th, 2008: So far three apartments in this building on the north side of the building--two on the 2nd floor and one on the 4th floor. I found a bug on my bed and people said it looked like a bedbug. The landlord had an exterminator come and told me that another apartment had called about them the day before. It turns out it was my next door neighbors. I told everyone I could in the building and found out that one month before this a neighbor had had them two floors up and said he got rid of them. I want to move but don't think that is possible right now. The building is really old and dirty, and the super is usually too incapacitated to do his job. I don't think they will ever really be gone from this building. I wonder how long it takes to make sure they are gone.[1]

admin, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth]



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