517 Forest Ave. Suite 2 Portland, ME 04104


"Portland, ME"

The company presents performances throughout the year at a variety of locations.

The ballet school offers classes, with teen groups and mixed teen/adult groups.

Also offers the CORP Program in partnership with Portland Public Schools. In CORP, students from around the region attend academic classes at Portland High School, where they are granted early release. These pre-professional dancers then attend Portland School of Ballet for 3 hours daily intensive ballet and enrichment classes. Curriculum offerings include Technique, Pointe, and Variations with rotations of modern, yoga, anatomy/kinesiology, dance history, nutrition, stagecraft, and audition preparation. Tuition assistance for advanced dancers is available through the Roxanne Rigoloso.

-Youth concerts to schools
-Lectures/demonstration classes
-CityDance outreach to inner city schools
-Classes for mentally retarded adults




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