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I stayed at the Greenpoint YMCA for five days at the end of September 2007, got bug bites/rash on the last day and had breakouts on my back, arms, legs, and feet for a week. I asked an employee if they knew about the problem and she replied "Oh...yeah, I think they're working on it," with no offer for compensation. Certainly no one mentioned this when I checked in. I don't remember the room number, but it was a bedroom with a bunkbed. I can't imagine that I was the only one with this problem.[1] 

Stayed in room 207 for 3 nights in August 2008, got about 20 bites. I complained to the staff after the second night and was told I could get a new room only if I went to the laundromat and washed all my clothes. Yes, that is how I want to spend my NYC vacation - itching, hurting, embarrassed, and doing laundry, only to get another room that was equally questionable. I turned that offer down.  The day I checked out, the manager admitted that there was a problem but couldn't tell me when that room had last been sprayed - leading me to believe that it must have been quite a while.  Another guest (room 215, I think?) had similar problems. I got a refund for 2 nights. I'd have preferred a clean room.  When I returned later on the day that I had checked out to pick up my luggage, the room was already occupied again.[2] 

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