76 Stony Hill Rd. Bethel, CT 06891


"Bethel, CT"

Fairfield County 4-H
Mission:  To help youth dream of new horizons and achieve new heights.

The Bethel Club offers:

Force for the Future 4-H Club (Leadership) and Happy Hoofers 4-H (Horse interest, community service, sewing).  Teens, working with volunteers, organize and plan the club level program. Adult volunteers and teens, working with the County 4-H Educator, plan and conduct the county level program. Current After-School Programs include: 4-H Drama Club;  4-H Cooking Club; Youth Philanthropic Boards; and 4-H Youth Entrepreneur.

University of CT; Cooperative Extension Service; Meserve Memorial Fund; Fairfield County Agricultural Extension; Fairfield County Farm Bureau; and Walmart.




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