58 Division St. Danbury, CT 06810


"Danbury, CT"

A team-based volunteer corps of diverse youth from all socio-economic backgrounds. The participants learn about and address community needs through meaningful community service with instruction and reflection on service projects to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and promote a lifetime ethic of service among young people.

The School Year Component includes after-school and weekend service-learning projects, such as the Wall of Food at the Danbury Fair Mall and Martin Luther King Day Mock Homeless Shelter with the United Jewish Center. The Summer Component includes “Summer of Service” program in week-long segments to accomplish greater service outcomes, reinforce teamwork skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for civic responsibility, and strengthening the community for the common good.

The Volunteer Center Youth Volunteer Corp of America
Tarrywile Park and Mansion
Morning Glory
Danbury Volunteer Fire Department
Family Literacy Center Bear Mountain Reservation
Land Trust of Danbury Historical Society
United Jewish Center Head Start




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