Broad and Ridge Avenue phila pa

North Philadelphia

Historical site

George "Father Divine"Baker was a leader of a congregation who was loyal to him and used the financial gifts for a succesful business. The Divine Lorraine hotel in North Philadelphia. The hotel which is also known as "The Lorraine Apartments" housed some of philadelphia's wealthiest
residents, who became rich as a result of the industrial revolution. Father Divine was also a leader of " the UNIVERSAL PEACE MOVEMENT", who believed that all people were equal under god.
-It was one of the first high-rise apartment buildings in the city
-Was sold to father Divine in 1918 and became the first hotel in Philadelphia to be fully racially intergrated.
-In 1994 it was listed on the Nations Register of Historic places as a site significant to history
-the Universal Peace Movement still exist
-It is now on the endangered Properties Lists.

*In 2006 it was sold to a dutch company who demolished much of the interior, removing historical elements, the company has found no
interest in keeping the building up..which is sad
The hotel is located on the corner of Broad and Fairmount streets in North Philadelphia
Divine Lorraine Hotel (1882-1965)




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