189 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211


bedbugs housing

Owner: Anna Teresa Myslinski
Sept 17, 2008: This is a two-story house; the owners live on the bottom story and rent out the top story. I started finding the bedbug bites on me in August 2008 -- I called in an exterminator and he assured me that the bugs were coming up from downstairs, since the owners said they were spraying around their bed at night. The exterm. explained that the bugs were driven away and came up to find a new host -- lucky me.

The owners refused to do anything about treating the top story of the building OR their own floor, even though the exterminators said they guaranteed the bugs would not be gone unless both stories were treated. I had to pay to treat the top floor myself and moved out a month later because they refused to renew my lease after I "made trouble" for them by calling 311. Word to the wise: this owner is negligent. The apartment is lovely and the rent is low, but don't be fooled; they have no interest in seeing to it that the rented apartment on their property is kept clean, safe, or bug-free. Their philosophy is that once you're moved in, it's YOUR problem.

admin, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth]



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