136 S 2nd St, Brooklyn NY 11211


bedbugs housing

George Wanat
March 30, 2008: Found dozens of them in the seams of my mattress and also my box spring. I may be crazy, but I think I found two in the ceiling cracks as well.

Not sure where they came from.

Landlord gave spray, also went to Broadway pest where they gave me a residual to spray in cracks. Replaced the mattress, box spring and frame because it was old and torn, and feared treatment woudn't be complete. got covers for box spring and mattress.

Spraying and vacuuming as I go....emptied dresser drawer and had all clothes, even those in my closet 2 rooms away, laundered in hot water and hot dryer or dry cleaned. will take on empyting my record shelves in the next room..

Also sprayed my chairs and sofa.

admin, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth]



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