One Harbour Place Portsmouth, NH 03801


"Portmouth, NH"

Mission: To enrich the local cultural landscape by developing partnerships, creating collaborative opportunities among artist and art organizations and by presenting a complete art experience that includes literature and poetry, performance art, film and other technologies and to initiate an on-going public dialogue around art.

This is a non-collecting, all-volunteer museum that opened in 2009. It hopes to expand to include more community education activities, such as lectures by artists.

To date, some of its exhibit would have a distinct appeal for youth. For instance, ‘SugiPop! Anime, Manga, Comics and Their Influence on Contemporary Art,’ runs through Jan. 16, 2011. Admission is free.
Partners and supporters include:

Timberline Signs
DeNiro Construction
Data Risk LLC
Waterville Valley
Wiggin and Nouri PA
Seaport Financial Planning
Fin Brand
New Hampshire Theatre Club




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