419 South 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147-1498

South Philadelphia

church, "house of worship"

Present former pastors who were elected and consecrated to the office of Bishop:
Richard Allen * 1787-1818
Jacob Tapisco 1818-1824
William Cornish 1824-1825
Morris Brown * 1825-1834
Joseph Cox 1834-1840
Richard Williams 1840-1844
William Moore 1844-1846
Willis Nazrey * 1846-1848
John Cornish 1848-1852
Henry J. Young 1852-1853
Henry Davis 1853-1855
Richard Robinson 1855-1857
John Cornish 1857-1858
William D.W. Schureman 1858-1860
Joshua Woodlin 1860-1862
Jabez P. Campbell * 1862-1864
William Moore 1864-1865
James Hollon 1865-1867
Deaton Dorrell 1867-1870
James M. Williams 1870-1871
Henry J. Young 1871-1873
Theodore Gould 1873-1875
Robert F. Wayman 1875-1877
George C. Whitfield 1877-1879
Levi J. Coppin * 1879-1881
Joseph S. Thompson 1881-1883
Cethe C. Felts 1883-1884
Joseph S. Thompson 1884-1886
John W. Beckett 1886-1888
Cornelius T. Shaffer * 1888-1889
William H. Heard * 1890-1892
William D. Cook 1892-1895
Theodore Gould 1895-1896
Levi Coppin 1896-1900
Thomas W. Henderson 1900-1903
William H. Thomas 1903-1904
R. William Fickland 1904-1907
Montrose W. Thornton 1907-1912
Coleman C. Dunlap 1912-1916
Robert J. Williams 1916-1920
Harry P. Anderson 1920-1925
J. Campbell Beckett 1925-1930
Henry P. Jones 1930-1942
Eustace Blake 1942-1950
John D. Bright, Sr. * 1950-1960
Charles E. Stewart 1960-1965
Henry J. White, Sr. 1965-1972
Joseph L. Joiner 1972-1984
Simon P. Bouie 1984-1986
Richard F. Norris * 1986-1993
Jeffrey N. Leath * 1993-2008
Mark K. Tyler 2008-
This particular location was the housing unit for slaves who escaped slavery. Today it serves as one of the first African American Churches, and it's also a historical site, which also serves partly as a museum. The decor in the Church is the same as when it was built, with the exception of some minor changes.  Upon entering Mother Bethel, I was shocked at all the wonderful images that were surrounding me. I took many photo's but they did not tell the enchanting story about the history behind the actual foundation, and beauty the is preserved in that church. Upon entering I did not realize how much I would like the musuem, and the beauty of the church. I took some pictures to show the details, but if you want a closer look, then you definately should take a closer look, and go visit the actual building or site...

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