4948 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

West Philadelphia

church, "house of worship", Baptist

Rev. Dr. J. Wendell Mapson Jr., Pastor
Monumental Baptist church is said to be one of the oldest African American churches in the city of Philadelphia. Monumental Baptist is located at 50th and locust in the West Philadelphia area under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Jesse Wendell Mapson Junior. Monumental was started in the year 1826. There is a lot of background history about this church such as, a couple of churches in the city of Philadelphia were born out the Monumental Baptist church. The church I currently am a member of is the Robert A. Pinn Memorial Baptist Church and it was born out of Monumental in the year 1907. Robert A. Pinn is a previous pastor of Monumental Baptist church from the year of 1869-1887. When I went to visit this site I was very happy to see that the church is still running and has a rich history, because many churches have started and closed down over the years.

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