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"wastebed 13", "Onondaga Lake cleanup", "Onondaga Lake", "Honeywell", contamination

Honeywell Corporation
Up to 2.65 million cubic yards of contaminated sediments are to be hydraulically dredged and disposed of in the area of Wastebed 13, designated as the Sediment Consolidation Area (SCA).[1]   

Excerpt from Michael Sivek & Bob Nunes' EPA Presentation[2]
"EPA's human health risk assessment looked at the potential risks posed by the management and dewatering of lake sediment that will take place at Wastebed 13. In its assessment, EPA evaluated two potential exposure scenarios. The first scenario that was evaluated was exposure to contaminants by air as a result of chemicals volatilizing from the dredged sediment and from the water draining from the geotextile tubes. The second exposure scenario that was assessed was an unlikely hypothetical situation that assumes a significant failure of the Sediment Consolidation Area. In this scenario, sediment is released and individuals would come onto Wastebed 13 and contact the sediments on or near the Sediment Consolidation Area daily for a 45 day period until the sediment is cleaned up and the affected area is repaired.  All resulting estimated risks were within levels identified by EPA as acceptable. The finding of acceptable risk estimates when applying health protective assumptions suggests that the plans for the sediment consolidation area will not result in unacceptable risks for the surrounding community."
  1. "The Onondaga Lake Superfund Site A Citizen's Guide".  2009. Prepared by Atlantic States Legal Foundation Inc. Prepared for US EPA.  p. 20.  Recording of EPA presentation of Human Health Risk Assessment (for Wastebed 13) meeting held 7-8-1020 at NYS Fairgrounds. Questions: contact Bob Nunes, USEPA at:
  2. To listen to the full presentation visit,  Length: 52' 57".  Accessed 1-10-2011.

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