6790 Onondaga Lake Trail, Liverpool NY 13088

Onondaga Lake Park, Liver Pool

"Onondaga Lake" "Onondaga Lake Park" "Liverpool, NY"

Onondaga County Parks and Recreation
The Willow Bay area is the most popular picnic space in Onondaga Lake Park. It has spectacular views of the city, several shaded nooks, a small playground and much more…. From this area you can catch the Wegmans Tram or start your walk, run, bike ride or other activity by accessing the East Shore Recreation Trail and the Shoreline Walking Trail. Several walks/ runs and other events have been hosted in this area like the Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Walk, the Willow Bay 5K, the Ciliac Walk, the Allen Fannin Fishing Derby, etc. Willow Bay was not named for the massive willow trees in the area.  It was named for the willow bush that made Liverpool nationally known for its basketry.

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