650 Hiawatha Blvd, Syracuse, NY

South shore of Onondaga Lake

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Onondaga County Water Environment Protection
Amended Consent Order
After Onondaga County entered into an Amended Consent Judgement in January of 1998, they were required to improve sewage treatment of effluent.  The County has made several improvements since 1998, including the installation of a biological aerated filter system to treat ammonia and high rite flocculated settling system to treat phosphorus.  Due to these improvements Onondaga Lake water quality has greatly improved in the last ten years.[1] 

Rain Garden
The Onondaga Environmental Institute helped Onondaga County Water Environment Protection install a demonstration rain garden.  To view the full photo series visit OEI's Flickr page.
  1. Honeywell - Draft.  2009.  Onondaga Lake, Remedial Design Elements for Habitat Restoration. p. 36-37.

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