Ithaca City Cemetary

East Hill

"natural corridor/greenway", "cemetery"

Just a few thoughts on the importance of cemeteries and urban parks:
- they are very valuable to biodiversity as they constitute green corridors; 
- cemeteries are often old and have well-established habitats for the urban wildlife;
- it is not rare to have people strolling in cemeteries to relax - (urban) nature has been shown to have positive effects on people's health and psychology (Alberti et al, 2003). 
- Natural spaces also have an educational value amongst urbanized populations: seeing urban species and "using" these highly visible species offer the opportunity to introduce biodiversity and wildlife to a wider population, and even more children.

Here is an article from the BBC that reflects scientific research on this topic.

Part of my MSc thesis was discussing this. I think it is crucial to make people aware of the importance of urban green spaces for both residents and conservation of wildlife, and it may play its role in ecotourism and environmental education as well, as spaces for recreation and enjoyment of nature within the urban limits.




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