52 Christian Ridge Road Ellsworth, ME 04605


"Ellsworth, ME"

Mission: Provides for the health, safety and well being of children and their families in Downeast Maine.

Offers nutrition counseling (WIC); reproductive and sexual health services, including sexual assault services; home health visits; parenting support through: home visits, educational classes, lending resource library and playgroups; mentoring; support for parents in substance abuse recovery and oral health services, primarily to low-income clients.

Runs local Big Brothers Big Sisters.

For youth:  Providees teen health services, including birth control and counseling. Offers ‘real baby simulation’ program for educators of young parents. Organizes and hosts various support groups, advocacy campaigns, fundraisers and other events.

Seeks volunteers.

Note: A rich venue for learning, with many educational events and volunteer opportunities, some probably requiring development (event planning and fundraising, or play group assistants, for instance.)

Students from Sumner Memorial have been involved for community service.
Supporters include:

Maine Community Foundation
United Way of Eastern Maine




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