59 Eagle Hill Road Steuben, ME 04680


"Steuben, ME"

Mission: Actively promotes collaboration in natural history education, research, and publishing. Its mission is international in scope and engages the public.

Offers advanced and professional-level natural history science seminars it has offered in Maine since 1987, along with ecological restoration seminars and expeditions to the neotropics.

For youth: The Institute and Foundation welcome volunteers who are interested in helping with specific projects or programs. Benefits can include seminar or workshop scholarships as well as meals and accommodations, thus making it possible for local residents as well as those “from away” to volunteer.

There are many opportunities for those interested in volunteering at Eagle Hill, such as helping organize the library collection, general trail maintenance, grounds maintenance, public program development, helping with publicity, etc.

Four scholarships to high school students available per year to attend a seminar; 25% discount to residents of Washington and Hancock counties.

Suggested by a student.




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