Route 180 P.O. Box 787 Ellsworth, ME 04605


"Ellsworth, ME"

Mission:  A private charity dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, preadolescences and teens. KidsPeace provides a comprehensive range of specialized and intensive and therapeutic residential treatment programs, accredited educational services and a variety of community-based treatment programs and foster care and family services.

For youth:  In addition to its specialized services, this organization operates TeenCentral.Net, a prevention, intervention and aftercare website developed by KidsPeace to help teens safely and anonymously tell their stories and receive sound advice within 24 hours from specially trained volunteers and counselors. All postings by teens and volunteers are reviewed by Master’s level clinicians before appearing on the site.

 Seeks volunteers.

Note:  This organization seeks volunteers, but it is likely volunteers under 18 might be most welcome as fundraisers, event assistants, etc.




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