92 Western Ave. Fairfield, ME 04937


Learning Resources Skowhegan

One of seven community colleges in Maine; offers one and two-year degrees and bachelor's degree courses of study, online courses, customized courses, continuing education courses and business and industry outreach programs.

Participates in the Early College for ME program in eligible high schools and vocational centers. This program prepares high school juniors and seniors for college and eligible seniors can take early college courses for credit.
Community service sites for Kennebec Valley students. These sites already do or may also be willing to work with Skowhegan HS students:

Adams Speech Therapy Bloomfield Elementary School
Cedar Ridge Nursing Care Facility
Church of Faith
Marti Stevens Learning Center
North Elementary School
Northeast Merchandising Corporation
Redington Fairview General Hospital
Skowhegan Area Middle School
Skowhegan Community Center
Skowhegan Early Head Start
Skowhegan Nursery School
Somerset Community Center
Somerset Humane Society
St. Anthony Soup Kitchen
Woman, Work, and Community




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