31 Commercial St. Skowhegan, ME 04976


Learning Resources Skowhegan

Mission: This is the task force of Greater Somerset Public Health that works with schools, communities and worksites on help promote increased physical activity, improved nutrition, tobacco-free and drug-free living.

For youth: Collaborates with schools (and other orgs) to promote healthy eating and more exercise. Many interesting resources offered on its website (ie, Google MapPodometer), and with information on how to connect with The Youth Empowerment and Policy Project (YEPP) and The Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN). Both these statewide provide leadership training to young people.

Somerset Heart Health Undoubtedly could offer some opportunities around assisting with public health campaigns, as well as self-directed learning experiences relating to health, exercise, substance abuse, etc.

See contacts:   http://www.somersethearthealth.org/contact_information.html
Supporters include:

Maine Street Skowhegan
Skowhegan Chamber of Commerce
Madison-Anson Chamber of Commerce Skowhegan Run of River Project
Somerset Sports and Fitness




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