566 Seawall Rd. Southwest Harbor, ME, 04679


"Southwest Harbor, ME"

* Providing local market space to store and distribute raw whole grains and natural foods to local businesses and individuals
* Preparing and serving cooked natural foods for sale to our members and others
* Promoting the use of local produce and foods harvested from the sea
* Educating to promote dietary habits which foster health and wellness
* Helping to build and maintain a sense of community all year round
* Providing a model of green, eco-friendly living
* Providing affordable natural food through keeping our costs down and via rebates
* Helping other local charities and service organizations
* Producing healthy, yummy soup and whole food salads for sale to support our programs
* Operating a cafe that utilizes the skills of our master chef in preparing delicious natural food
* Continueng to distribute free soups and whole food salads to senior residences and others

For Youth: Various volunteer opportunities including:
Soup Kitchen Distributors
Soup Kitchen Sous Chef
Sous Café Server
Facilities Crew
Membership/Volunteer Team
Fundraising Committee

Note: Possible educational opportunities.




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