5 Commerce Drive Skowhegan, ME 04976


"Skowhegan, ME"

Treatment for individual, family and marriage problems; case management of children and adults with retardation or autism; services for runaway and homeless youth. Outreach to vulnerable or homeless youth; crisis intervention, counseling, substance abuse prevention and treatment, etc.

Offers individual therapy, support groups and trainings. Topics include substance abuse, adolescent development, family issues, etc.

Opening a recovery center in May 2011 for individuals and families struggling with addiction. Director is Wendy Corson, who is seeking volunteers for the advisory board. Email: wendy.corson@yfsinc.org

Note:  It is common for organizations that work with runaway and homeless youth to conduct homelessness prevention sessions in schools (the National Runaway Switchboard publishes curricula for this purpose). Contact Tony Viet.

Agencies often also have youth representatives on their Boards, or youth advisory boards.




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