901 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77006



Sedition Books
Off of Richmond and Montrose
Sedition Books is an anarchist infoshop located in the Montrose area of Houston. 

We have a community lending library; meeting space; zines, pamphlets, and lots of books for sale; free literature; and public computers with free internet access.

We are collectively operated & volunteer staffed. We need your help! if you would like to volunteer or join the collective, please contact us.

Joining the collective means you have equal ownership, and equal say in all decisions dealing with the infoshop. All decisions are made by consensus.

Why an "anarchist" bookstore? Anarchism is the revolutionary movement for a non-hierarchical society; tendencies within the anarchist movement range from seeking to establish libertarian communism all the way to advocating post-civilization ways of life (see "About Sedition Books" above).

We seek to distribute information on many alternatives to capitalism, the state, and all other forms of oppression; as well as radical analysis, theory and art.

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