3rd St b/w and Bond St & 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY


pollution water

City of New York
The Gowanus neighborhood has many commercial and industrial buildings, factories, and some stores.  There was an oil slick on the Canal the day I visited and a dead bird was floating in the water near some plastic bottles.

At the Gowanus canal, I found a sewer drain that was rusted and broken. In the water, I found a log that was broken and had a lot of mildew. In the water, I noticed chip bags, candy wrappers, and a powder that looked like pollen. Notice the color of the water and how discolored and dirty it is.  The litter in the water may have come from the street and traveled down the sewer as run-off. I think that littering is an important issue because the stuff that is dropped on the street is not only nasty, it affects the water and the neighborhood. It's important that kids know not to litter because we can control what's in the water!  

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