1953 Montrose Boulevard



Art League Houston
Art League Houston is located at
1953 Montrose Boulevard, (next to Texas Art Supply)
Art League Houston cultivates awareness, appreciation and accessibility of contemporary visual art within the community for its cultural enrichment.

ALH supports and showcases artists and students whose innovation and social consciousness provide the community with diverse and socially relevant contemporary visual art.

ALH offers a school of contemporary visual art that welcomes all members of our diverse community and affords the novice an opportunity to learn and explore skills.

ALH presents contemporary exhibitions and programs that are aesthetically strong, and that provide the community with the opportunity to explore topics of cultural, humanistic and social relevance.

ALH offers free art classes for those who have special needs to provide them with the uplifting experience of interacting with others in the creation of art.

ALH honors those whose work or patronage has had a significant and positive impact on contemporary visual arts in Texas.

CAMH Teen Council



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