Newkirk Ave & East 8th St, Brooklyn, NY

Kensington, Parkville

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Compost for Brooklyn, founded in March 2010, has transformed a vacant lot into a thriving refuge for native plants, pollinators, and community members. With the support of civic leaders, environmental groups and our own neighbors, Compost for Brooklyn has grown very quickly.

Every week, neighbors come to the garden to relax, get their hands dirty, and drop off their veggie scraps, coffee grinds, and other organic waste. Every week, we receive an average of 850 pounds of organic waste from individuals, local schools and businesses. Finished compost is used to amend depleted soils and cultivate healthy ecosystems.

In our garden, we grow plants that enhance New York City’s urban ecosystem by providing food and shelter for beneficial birds and insects. When you visit our garden you will find plants native to the northeastern United States, such as Clethna alnifolia (Sweet Pepperbush), Tilia americana ‘redmondi’ (American Linden tree), and Viburnum rhytidophyllum (Leather Leaf Viburnum).

Through our public school and Brooklyn-wide outreach, we teach children and adults about ecology and empower them to take responsibility for the environment. Our momentum highlights the increasing need people feel to be connected to the earth and each other.

Please click here for directions.

Volunteers Wanted!
Please e-mail if you'd like to help us offer free composting for Brooklyn.

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