2246 Richmond Avenue Houston, Texas 77098

Upper Kirby


Sicardi Gallery
Off of Richmond Ave. and Greenbriar
Sicardi Gallery was founded in Houston in 1994 by María Ines Sicardi. Today the gallery is a partnership that includes Allison Ayers and Carlos Bacino as well as María Ines Sicardi. The gallery features modern and contemporary work by artists connected in diverse ways to Latin America, and who range from emerging and mid-career artists to major art historical figures like Gego and Jesús Rafael Soto.

These artists have exhibited widely in museums and institutions internationally and are regularly included in art fairs and major art world events, including Documenta and major biennials from São Paulo to Venice. We work directly with our artists, coordinating exhibitions in the gallery as well as in museums and other institutions, and also support public art projects and publications.

Since its inception the gallery has sought to reveal challenging links that connect recognized modernists and younger artists from across Latin America, and to explore these relationships in monographic and thematic exhibitions that bring the work to ever-wider audiences in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. This is also achieved through lectures and other projects that complement our exhibition program.

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