370 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY

Red Hook

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The Red Hook Community Farm has the largest community composting program in Brooklyn.  At peak performance, the program deploys large volunteer teams to process over 160 tons of the Red Hook community’s organic waste in a year.  The program is multi-dimensional and reflects the array of hand-made composting systems, including winterized wormbins, “hot compost” pens, hand-crank and spin tumblers, and the only windrows in New York City made from scratch and maintained entirely by hand and even through the winter.  The organic material for the program derives from the Farm itself (weeds, spoiled produce, spent crop material), and from contributions made by a diversely rich spectrum of community members: restaurant partners, local schools, parks, and businesses (woodworkers, etc.), and individual households.

Summer Drop Off hours: Saturdays from May to October 10am-4pm during the farmers market
Winter Drop Off hours: Saturdays from October to May 1:30pm-3:30pm[1] 

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