2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan Beach

Brooklyn, Compost, brooklyncompost, " private institution"

Kingsborough Community College
The Farm

An urban farm is being planted at Kingsborough in what was an asphalt lot. In collaboration with Active Citizen Project/EATS, KCC will soon have a 12-month, high-yielding farm. Using rainwater collection, composting and other resourceful measures, this project will be a demonstration site for sustainable practices.[1] 


We're composting farm scraps and food scraps from the culinary arts program, and we get infinite bags of dead leaves from grounds maintenance. We do aerobic composting in a 4-tiered bin system made from hardwood. Eventually we'll have a demonstration area for vermicomposting.
  1. Kingsborough Community College <http://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/eco-festival/Pages/2011Program.aspx> Accessed 8.15.11

Brooklyn Compost Collective



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