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Garden of Union Communityt Garden
The Garden:

"Annie’s Garden and the Garden of Union were both founded in the mid-70’s by Annie and John Thompson and many of their neighbors. The Garden gained non-profit status in 1985 and was made permanent NYC parkland in 1998. Many dedicated individuals and organizations have contributed to the Garden’s success."


Compost helps to keep our garden organic by providing structural improvement of the soil and preventing the need for artificial fertilizers. The garden composts its waste and accepts material from neighbors and from the Park Slope Food Coop.  Compost contributions are encouraged and appreciated. We ask contributors to follow a few simple guidelines.

Basic Information for Composters

Please help us run a clean system by following these simple guidelines.  Anything added to the bin whole will remain whole for months.  Please puncture, scratch, cut and chop all material.  Mix your compost material with green and brown material.  Nitrogen and carbon make the process work.

USE the current bin only.  The chalkboard on the shed will direct you. There is usually a “compost here” sign on the bin as well.  Any other use will work against the system.

CHOP or puncture your compost material. It is easiest to do this at home. Whole foods remain whole and slow down the process.  Because we have a large input level, speedy break-down is essential.

MAKE a hole large enough to accommodate your contribution to the pile. After you dump your material, pull the pile closed again.

ADD sawdust when you have finished and place a brick or two on the edge of the bin lid to keep out rodents.  The material to be composed must be covered!

Sawdust can be found in the black garbage bags and/or in the short, black compost bin.  If there is none there, please cover your new compost with the oldest compost available.  Layering the top with brown material is essential.  It is helpful to mix your material with sawdust before you place it in the bin, especially if you have a large volume of material to compost.


You must be a member to compost in the Garden. More information about membership or join online!

  • Fruits and vegetables must be chopped before going into the compost bins: please puncture, scratch, cut and chop all material.  It may be easiest to do this at home.
  • Cut all fresh or dried flowers to a length of 4-6 inches OR better yet, drop them in a tree pit on your way to the Garden. They will serve as mulch, beautify the pit, discourage dog use and reduce our load.
  • Anything added to the compost bin “whole” will remain whole for months.  Cut all onions, apples, oranges, squash etc.[1] 

  1.  The Garden of Union. <http://www.thegardenofunion.com/composting/>. Accessed 8.15.2011

Brooklyn Compost Collective



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