255 Bainbridge Street Brooklyn, NY 11233

Bed- Stuy

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Brooklyn Rescue Mission

Brooklyn Rescue Mission

"BRM promotes healthy living and neighborhood revitalization for Central Brooklyn residents through, an innovative sustainable food system, with a focus on families and youth. 


BRM envisions urban farming as the starting point for a self-reliance movement, empowering neighborhood residents to take ownership of their own food supply, nutrition and neighborhood revitalization.  BRM endeavors to build community pride, provide healthy provisions to its neediest residents, encourage youth entrepreneurship and develop a communal culture towards land use and community health through an innovative sustainable food system.

The Farm:

In 2005, BRM created partnerships with the New York City environmental and food justice organizations to break ground on an abandoned lot behind the Mission in order to grow fruits and vegetables for pantry recipients. The site, once a neighborhood garbage dump, was transformed into an urban oasis that has served several hundred people since its creation. The farm has become a community gathering space and a classroom to teach neighborhood youth about food growing and community service."[1] 


The farm has a tumbler where it processes food scraps and yard waste.


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Brooklyn Compost Collective



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