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Sustainable Flatbush


Sustainable Flatbush's current composting project is located at our Church Avenue Communal Garden, located at East 21st Street at Kenmore Terrace, on the grounds of the historic Flatbush Reformed Church (oldest church in Brooklyn!).

We have a 3-bin system, and we compost food waste from garden members and from members of the Flatbush Farm Share CSA, as well as yard waste from the church itself. We also provide composting education for the CSA members and kids from local schools and youth programs. This summer we've diverted approximately 1500 pounds of food waste from the landfill, along with the 1.5 tons of leaves we collected at last year's Project LeafDrop.

  1.  Sustainable Flatbush. < http://sustainableflatbush.org/projects/urban-gardens-and-farms/flatbush-community-garden/> Accessed 8.22.11

Brooklyn Compost Collective



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