Warren Street between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue, 11217

Boerum Hill

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The Garden

"In the 1980s the Warren St. Marks Community Garden between Warren Street and St. Marks Place and 4th and 5th Avenues was transformed from a vacant lot full of debris into a working community garden by volunteer work of people in this community. We are part of the Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust. In order to continue to provide this neighborhood in New York City with an opportunity to collectively garden a small area of land, we rely on a commitment from each member to help maintain the space.

The mission of the Warren St. Marks Community Garden is to advance gardening opportunities for its members and to make our neighborhood attractive and fun to be in. We accomplish this by enjoying it from within and from without, and by working in it, walking in it, and by meeting and getting to know our neighbors.

Membership is open to anyone 16 years and older who pays a nominal annual fee and follows the garden’s bylaws. We work with our local schools and other community groups to bring further gardening opportunities to more people. In recognition of our variety of members, we have both individual plots and community plots; members are not required to tend a plot, nor are they guaranteed a plot of their own. In an effort to be responsible to our environment, we compost, and we do not allow the use of non-organic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers."[1] 



The garden currently composts food scraps and yard waste in multple compost system


  1.  Warren St. Marks Community Garden. < http://wsgarden.org/about/> Accessed 8.22.11

Brooklyn Compost Collective



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