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Brooklyn New School
The School
The Brooklyn New School, PS 146, is located at 610 Henry Street.  It has 25 classes, pre-K through fifth grade, with a current enrollment of approximately 620 children. BNS shares the building with its sister school, The Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, grades 6-12.
BNS was founded in 1987 by a committee of parents and teachers who wanted to create a school
  • with a racial, ethnic and economic balance
  • where children engaged in active learning
  • where children of different skill levels work together
  • where parents are involved in their child's education
The Brooklyn New School is committed to academic and personal success for all students.  We believe that children are creators of meaning in their own lives.  They are naturally thoughtful and curious, and they work to gain understanding of the world they inhabit.  When the adults who care for children foster this effort, children become life-long learners.

Brooklyn New School students master concepts as active thinkers and doers.  Math, science, social studies, art and music are integrated in hands-on exploration.  Children study the city, the environment, history and culture.  They learn to ask questions, use tools to measure, make estimates and draw conclusions about what they see and feel.  Children learn their ties to other people, to the past and to the future.  They become stronger readers and writers by using reading and writing as tools to carry out their investigations.

The Brooklyn New School is a diverse learning community.  Instruction is experiential and hands on with a standards based curriculum that also focuses on children's individual needs and interests.  Adults model life-long learning by engaging in ongoing professional development.  The governance structure assures collaboration among parents, staff and administration.
Our inquiry based curriculum enables students to problem solve and to effect change.  They apply knowledge gained in school to real life situations.  Students develop projects with teachers in and outside of the classroom.
We are committed to education which stresses cooperation rather than competition.  Classes are not tracked and there is no gifted program.
There are six collaborative team teaching classes and three self-contained special education classes. A resource room teacher, speech and language teachers, occupational therapists and guidance professionals are available to meet special learning and social needs."[1] 


The school has two outdoor educational worm bins. Compost his made from the schools food scraps, yard waste and leaves.[2] 
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Brooklyn Compost Collective



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