6th ave and 15th st. brooklyn

Park Slope

Brooklyn, Compost, brooklyncompost, "members only"

6/15 Community Garden

"We are committed to providing a cleaner and safer neighborhood through the creation and maintenance of a community open space for cultural, agricultural and educational purposes, as well as to stimulate and encourage community participation in the planning, development, use and maintenance of other green spaces."[1] 


Type of system: 3 bins plus several garden gourmets and earth machines
Number of Active Composters: 40 compost members ( 1 turning shift each per year and two 2-hour shifts of open hours, details on the website)
Local residents can recycle kitchen scraps and organic waste at the compost site during the gardens open hours or whenever the garden is open. 6/15 Green also has a composting membership for people interested in helping to maintain the site and have the freedom to drop off any time. The first step of membership is to read the information on the website and come to a monthly garden meeting. Visit
for details, what to compost and membership information.

  1.  6/15 Green. <http://www.615green.org/programs.htm> Accessed 8.22.11

Brooklyn Compost Collective



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