Ave H and Campus Road, Just off Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn 11210

Flatbush, Midwood

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Brooklyn College Garden

2011 marks the first year of the Brooklyn College Garden on land previously tilled and loved by the Campus Road Gardeners.  We have kept many of the perennial shrubs, trees and plants from the old garden, relocating them to new areas to make way for two sections of individual garden plots.  Our gardeners represent the college faculty, staff, students and neighborhoods of Flatbush and Ditmas Park.  Three quarters of the gardeners are novices, eager to learn the basics of intensive urban gardening, sheet mulching, and composting.  Roughly half of them currently contribute their food waste to the compost. We are looking for new poeple from the college and neighborhood to visit and get involved in one of our upcoming projects. 
Located on the Brooklyn College campus, at the far western side.  Our composting system is a moveable feast, a first step towards building a permanent three bin structure.  It occurs in a four bin post and fencing setup that we take apart when we turn the pile.  Right now, we accept materials from our garden members only, the campus cafeteria, a local produce market and nearby Kensigton stables.  In the future, we'd like to expand our collection to include more contributors not directly gardening but who want to contribute materials and participate in garden projects.
We accept raw food waste only, no cooked foods or grains.  We appreciate when members cut up their food waste into 2 inch pieces and discard all rubberbands and labels before adding to bins. 

Brooklyn College Garden



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