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Ditmas Park

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The Farm on Adderley

The Restaurant

"The Farm On Adderley opened in the Summer of 2006 in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. The restaurant was conceived of by Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell, residents of the neighborhood. Together with Chef Tom Kearney and the help of friends and family they opened the doors.

The name comes from an expression that Gary grew up with in South Africa that basically means a long shot. Adderley is a main thoroughfare in Cape Town and to have a farm there is somewhat of an impossibility. “If that ever happens I’ll buy you a farm on Adderley,” so the expression goes.

The Farm on Adderley tries to speak to the way we want to cook and feed ourselves and our neighbors. The restaurant aims to bring thoughtfully produced food and ingredients to our community in a totally accessible way. Much of the way The Farm has evolved has been to pursue the principles of supporting local farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs as much as possible, making delicious food from that, and serving it in a completely honest way.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch seven days a week. There is a full bar and outdoor garden seating."[1]



The restaurant is currently processing their organic food waste through Action Carting.

  1.  The Farm on Adderley. < http://www.thefarmonadderley.com/> Accessed 8.25.2011

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