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Eat Restaurant

The Restaurant

"EAT serves simple and healthy food that demonstrates the bountiful biodiversity in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Every ingredient in our kitchen is sourced from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic by working exclusively with select organic farms and producers (most of which are here in New York state) in belief that every food the body needs can be sourced from the region in which it lives.

Fresh picked organic vegetables consumed within a day or two of harvesting are more flavorful and healthier than those that have been picked in a distant location. For our bread and pastas we use whole grains that are milled to order as opposed to commercial flours that have been milled and highly processed months, if not years, prior, becoming hard to digest and lacking health benefits.
In addition to health and nutrition, buying from local producers helps produce an economy that is less reliant on non-renewable resources.

Even in the dead of winter we stay true to using only regional food. Throughout the growing season we dry our herbs and spices and can our fresh vegetables and fruit to use throughout the winter months. Everything is made by hand in our small kitchen. Our dedication to handmade doesn’t stop in our kitchen: we also work with artisan producers that build our furniture, lighting, dishware and cookware. Our goal is to support and promote handmade objects in a world where this is becoming more and more scarce.

The industrial food and goods that have replaced the real artisan producer are a major cause of mental and physical illness in the world. Rarely do we rely on the skills of our neighbor to produce. Many of us feel out of balance but cannot identify or amend it due to the marketing strength of the industrial machine.

The way we can promote change in the city is by using dollars and resources more deliberately. What a better way to start than with food, our life source and something we spend money on daily. EAT has been slowly growing into this philosophy. It initially seemed daunting to not use industrial goods, but by changing our perspective so many regional goods became available that otherwise would have been overlooked."[1] 


Eat is currently composting all of its organic food waste. Our food waste is picked up by farmers that drop off our produce or delivered to the Greenmarket at Mccaren park

  1.  Eat Restaurant. <http://eatgreenpoint.com/> Accessed 8.26.2011

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