600 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11203

Crown Heights, East Flatbush

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The Youth Farm is a partnership of the High School for Public Service and Green Guerrillas, with staff support from bk farmyards. We are turning the school’s 1.25 acre lawn into a thriving, productive and educational farm.

Located on the boarder of Crown Heights and East Flatbush the Youth Farm has a thriving compost network. The public is invited to compost with us each Wednesdays when our Farmer's Market is open from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm. Currently, our Farmer's Market runs through October 26, 2011.  Please note we cannot accept meat, poultry, fish, cheese/dairy, bones or oily foods for composting.

We will gladly accept leaf drop-offs for composting, as well as sawdust or small wood chips! We can arrange to accomodate a specific drop off time for these three items. Use this link to find our contact information.

The Farm provides fresh affordable food for the community, while providing educational and employment opportunities for youth and adults. The Farm is used as a base for creating new experiantial based school curriculum, serving as an outdoor classroom and a catalyst for education from cooking and nutrition to migrant labor right and trade policy. Student farmers work during the summer on the farm, learning about sustainable agriculture and community leadership. Produce from the farm  is sold at a low cost to the community through a Community Supported Agriculture program and a weekly farmer market.

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